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Virtua® FAQs

(for all Virtua and -A Virtua models)

Q: What is the SmartDrive and what does it do?

A: The SmartDrive stores the personality of your medical disc publisher. All network information and most settings are kept on the SmartDrive. If you receive a replacement medical disc publisher, it is critical to remember to take the SmartDrive out of your old unit and insert it into the new one. In doing so, the new Virtua will automatically update with all the settings of the previous medical disc publisher, providing instant uptime. The SmartDrive can be found behind the green disc output bin on the front of the medical disc publisher, and is inserted in the recessed center.

Q: What is the correct way to shut down the medical disc publisher?

A: You should always shut down the system before attempting to power down the device. Before attempting to shut down or reboot the system, make sure that all jobs have finished. Press the green Soft Power button on the Controller front panel to start the shutdown process, or from the login screen, touch the Shutdown button at the top right of the screen. You are prompted as to whether you want to shut down the system, reboot the system, or cancel the shutdown. Touch the desired shutdown option. After initiating a shutdown or reboot, shutdown messages are displayed.

Q: What do the various LED indicators mean?

A: LED device status indicators are located on both the Dashboard and on the Controller front panel.

  • Green: On = Ready condition.
    The ready condition indicates the device is properly configured and can accept studies for processing. The message "Ready" also displays in the Dashboard status message area.
  • Green: Flashing = Processing.
    The processing state indicates the device is receiving a study, preparing a study for recording, or recording and labeling a disc. The status column of the Studies list, Discs queue, and the Dashboard status message area display the details of what is being processed.
  • Yellow: On = Alert condition.
    An alert condition indicates the device requires user attention but can still process jobs. The specific alert condition is displayed in the Dashboard status message area.
    Examples are: Low on Ink; Right Bin Empty.
  • Red: On = Fault condition.
    A fault condition indicates the device cannot process jobs and requires user attention. The specific fault condition is displayed in the Dashboard status message area.
    Examples are: Out of Discs; Out of Ink; SmartDrive Not Found.


Q: How do I find the device status?

A: You can display the Status Details window to view more detailed information about device status than is available on the Dashboard, including the software version, system counters, serial numbers, etc. by touching any portion of the Dashboard. The Dashboard is the area in the top section of the touch screen where the "Disks Remaining" icons and system operating status are displayed. Touching anywhere in this area causes the Status Details window to display.


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