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NP Series FAQs

Product Discontinued

Q: What's New in the NP Series 3.1 Software?

A: The NP Series offers many new features with 3.1 software:
  1. We've upgraded PostScript. You MUST install 3.1 drivers (see installation diskettes shipped with printer for these drivers.) The old drivers (PostScript 2 for 2.2.6 and older software) can be unpredictable with the new software.
  2. Image settings like gamma and contrast can be edited from within the driver.
  3. We've included a recovery diskette. If the printer ever fails to boot up, power the printer down and insert the Recovery Diskette, then power the printer up. In most cases this will resolve the problem without forcing a complete software reload.
  4. T1 test print is now located in the front panel ADMIN menu under Front Panel Online --> ADMIN --> TEST PRINT --> YES.

See the complete list in the 3.1 Release Notes.

Q: What's the printable area of DirectVista® Film?

A: The printable area for DirectVista Film is 2280 x 2565 pixels, or 7.6"x8.55".

Q: What's the printable area of XLW paper (9.5"x14")

A: The printable area of our Extra Long Wide Paper is 2550 x 3600 pixels, or 8.5"x12", or 216 x 307 mm.

Q: What is "Film Typing"?

A: The film typing mechanism accounts for small variations between lots of film. Film typing is an image quality option and the printer can function without it. A printer which has not had the update diskette installed must have the type set to 000. A printer which has the diskette installed can be set to any valid type. Details on selecting a film type are in the film typing technical brief (PDF). New Codonics printers ship with the film typing installed and 015 as the film type set in the front panel. A level-0 reset will return the printer to type 000, however.

Common Questions

  1. What is the minimum printer software required to run film typing?
    The minimum printer software required to run film typing is version 2.2.6.
  2. How do I know what my film type is?
    There is a sticker on each box of film that says "Type xxx" where xxx is the film type. If you don't know your film type, use 015.
  3. Do I need to install the film typing diskette?
    New 1660s shipped from Codonics already have film typing installed. Check the SYS ADMIN option in the front panel of the printer. If the RELEASE number is followed by -xx, where xx is a two-digit number, then you do not need to install film typing. For example, 2.2.6-01 indicates that film typing has already been installed.
  4. How often do I need to install film typing?
    You only need to install film typing once. It will not get deleted if you shut the printer down or change the film. The only instances where you would need to reinstall the diskette are if (a) the entire printer OS gets reloaded, or (b)if a new Media Type Update Diskette is released. Currently the only media update disk is (12/00).
  5. What about film typing with DirectVista® Paper, or ChromaVista® Paper and Transparency?
    ChromaVista ® media does not have a typing mechanism. DV and CV Paper currently do not have an update and MUST be set to 000.


Q: How can I tell what updates are installed in the printer?

A: With 3.1 software: Examine the Test Print (T1): Front Panel Online --> ADMIN --> TEST PRINT --> YES

A: With 2.3.2 and older Operating System Software: Telnet into the printer or set up a serial connection (which is the only option). Log in as root and type

updates [return]
If the printer does not return anything or returns an error, type
more /etc/updates [return]
Don't forget the "s" on the end of the filename. If you receive a "File Not Found" response, the printer does not have any patches installed. Otherwise, it should return a screen similar to the following:
DICOM 2.4.3
NP-1660 2.3.2
MEDIA update 01
New ImageWeb fix for Win98+Netscape4.5 and MSIE3 11/4/98
Right Caption
Bottom Caption
Remove Captions
DICOM 2.5.0
This printer has a lot of patches installed. The patches register from oldest to newest. This file is wiped out in the event of a software reinstall. All applied patches are deleted in a software reinstall.

If you don't have telnet or serial port access there is no way to tell all the patches that have been installed on the printer. Most patches can be reinstalled without creating problems. As a general rule, install operating system upgrades (i.e. 2.2.6) first, and PostScript patches last.

Q: What is an "L.U.T."?

A: LUT stands for "look up table." The LUT translates the digital data sent to the printer into the information used by the print head to lay down the image. Changing the LUT produces changes in print that follows.

LUT's are found in the front panel MEDIA menu on the NP-1660. Color prints can be printed using either the LINEAR (default) or VISUAL color tables. The linear color table separates colors based on equal mathematical steps. The visual color tables take into account the human eye's sensitivity to certain color groups, so the steps are not mathematically equal. In practical terms, the visual color table usually requires less gamma, contrast, MCM and TCR adjustments from the front panel of the printer. The printer default is the Linear LUT. To change the LUT, go into MEDIA --> LUT and select VISUAL. Press Online, and then press Online again to exit the menu. Go to EXIT and press Online to return the printer to READY. The printer will briefly flash to PROCESSING and then return to READY.

Film typing (see above) is an example of adjusted LUTs for film prints.

Q: What does "key expired" mean on the status page?

A: Many printers ship from Codonics with temporary PostScript keys installed. The keys are valid for 60 days from the ship date of the printer. A PostScript key is only necessary when printing PostScript images. Codonics issues temporary keys for software options, i.e. DICOM.

Q: Where is the serial number of the NP Series Printer located?

A: On all printers, the serial number can be found on the back of the unit. It is printed on a white label below the model number. Serial numbers are nine (9) digits and follow the form S/N 40CxxxxB, 30CxxxxB, 44CxxxxxB, 36CxxxxB, etc. On newer units, the serial number can also be found on the inside right side of the chassis. Open the door and look on the right wall. The S/N will be located above a barcode.

Q: Is it safe to leave the printer on all the time?

A: It is safe to leave your printer operational. However, it's a good idea to put the printer on a UPS (universal power supply) in case of a power outage. The printer should minimally run at 1000 watts. ALWAYS use the soft shutdown feature (tech brief) to power off an NP Series Printer.


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