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Portable X-Ray® FAQs

Q: What are Codonics differential advantages in offering this product?

A: Codonics offers a complete solution for your digital portable Xray needs at a competitive price. It includes an X-ray device, portable cart, DR Panels, Imager, and starter kit of media.

Q: Where and how is the DPX best utilized?

A: The DPX is a screening triage tool to be used in emergency situations such as COVID-19. It can also be used anywhere X-rays are needed.

Q: Which unit is more versatile EPX-F2800 or EPX-F3200 and why?

A: The EPX-F3200 is more powerful and can shoot images with more kV and less time; producing better image quality.

Q: Why buy the EPX-F2800 instead of the EPX-F3200?

A: While the EPX-F3200 allows shorter exposure time since it has higher mA range and shorter exposure brings less motion blur, the EPX-F2800 provides a high quality entry level system and is excellent for chest screening.

Q: Is that the only benefit? Why does the manufacturer have different portable X-ray models. Why would a hospital want to have higher spec than EPX-F2800?

A: While the EPX-F2800 offers greater range of kV, the EPX-F3200 is more powerful allowing higher kV and less time. Per Ecotron, the EU prefers the EPX-F3200 for it perceived higher power. Higher power means ability to shoot at faster speeds meaning less image blur.

Q: Can you set mA on the EPX-F2800 or EPX-F3200?

A: No, it is fixed by mAs setting; see time tables below.

Q: Why enter mAs, the product of mA and ms (milliseconds) vs. the two individual variables?

A: While there are some models that allow a fixed, 15 mA and 30 mA - closed loop regulation. Codonics solution offers a fixed mAs range in 25 steps. See dose chart.

Q: Why isn’t a PC included with our bundle?

A: Localization in input voltage, service, and language must be considerations.

Q: Why include a Horizon Imager in the bundle?

A: Many triage situations are fixed in tents for COVID-19 and a printout/image is an effective way to document the study. The bundle is also available without the imager.

Q: Is the console software mentioned in the promo flier the DR software or is there software for the EPX unit itself?

A: The software is the same DROC offered with our standard DR bundle.

Q: If the EPX unit is for a hospital setting, does it have connectivity capabilities to send images over the hospital network or connect to customer electronic records?

A: No. The monobloc does not have WI-FI or network connections. The digital package we add (iRay and ECOM) offer image acquisition through AP mode and then ECOM can export images through a wired or wireless connection to the greater enterprise network (requiring additional hardware, e.g. router and hub).

Workflows: The DPX application is for COVID-19 screening station with the printer near the portable X-ray.

  • Connect the panel to the laptop via AP mode and use DROC for image acquisition
  • Image storage
  • a. Print from the laptop via wired point-to-point Ethernet connection
  • b. Store to a removable hard drive on the laptop
  • c. Transfer (with PACS) from the laptop with a DICOM STORE to the enterprise PACS across Ethernet.

There is no cloud solution and no wireless on the mobile cart. There are set-ups where the Ethernet port is connected to a wireless router to the cart to send images acquired to the enterprise PACS.

Q: Some competitors promote image exchange via cloud. Can we do that?

A: This is up to the digital provider but it appears to be very uncommon in practice.

Q: The unit label in the Ecotron user's manual has different specs than the those mentioned on Ecotron website. For example, for the EPX-F2800 unit: kVp range 40-100 (manual) vs 40-120 (website); mA range 23-30 (manual) vs 12-40 (website) Why?

A: 110 Input voltage limits the kV while 220 input voltages allows the unit to operate within its full range. Make sure to look at the correct specifications for the operating input voltage available.

Q: Are the X-ray device available in 110V and 220V versions.

A: Yes. The EPX-F2800 is available in both 110V and 220V versions. The EPX-F3200 is available in the 220V version.

Q: Do Ecotron products comply with the new European MDR guidelines?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the Display Reversal Switch?

A: It is described in the manual (page 48). It "Helps to read LED value of kV, mAs reversed" and is used when the unit is positioned upside down so you can read the numerals correctly.

Q: What are the Harmonized HS Codes for the EPX-F2800/F3200?

A: Portable X-ray and Mobile Stand : 9022.14-1090

Q: How many EPX-F2800/F3200 fit on a pallet?

A: All-EPX-Series portable have the same size box. We can ship 10 PCS on a pallet (1m*1m).

Q: What are the weight and dimensions of the EPX-F2800/F3200?

A: Packed - Gross Weight: 24 kg, Packing Size (mm): 520 x 400 x 330 mm

Unpacked – Weight: 13kg, Size (mm): 358 x 200 x 299 mm

Q: How many carts fit on a pallet?

A: One.

Q: What are the weight and dimensions of the cart?

A: Packed - Gross Weight: 46.7 kgs, Packing Size (mm): 1320 x 690 x 730 mm

Unpacked - Weight: 32.2 kgs, Size (mm): 1251 x 562 x 533 mm

Q: Does the warranty cover any shipping costs incurred by the end user (either to Ecotron or from Ecotron back to the customer)?

A: For product in warranty, the customer will supply the appropriate package and pay shipping to Codonics. Codonics will pay for return shipping. Codonics does NOT pay the shipping cost if there is a problem with the product due to the customer’s fault (e.g., customer damage). For product out of warranty, the customer pays for shipping both ways.

Q: Must the X-ray system be shipped in the original manufacturer’s packaging?

A: Yes, and it is a custom box that is foil lined and expensive. It is very important that you save them for your customers as they are very expensive.

Q: What is the typical repair time for Ecotron for in-warranty repairs?

A: One week.

Q: Can extended warranties be purchased at any time while the unit is in warranty or must it be purchased with the initial order?

A: Yes. You can extend warranty at any time up to five years.

Q: Must all repairs be done in Korea at Ecotron.

A: No, Distributors can also repair equipment.

Q: What are the most frequently asked service and setup questions?

A: The set up and operation of the portable X-ray is so simple that there typically are no questions. Most questions are about the DR or CR detector.

Q: Can you plug the X-ray device into a power strip or surge protector?

A: No, neither is recommended for use with the X-ray device.

Q: Is there anything on the unit that the servicing distributor cannot repair?

A: There is nothing servicing distributor cannot repair.

Q: What are the laptop holder dimensions?

A: 385mm wide x 263mm deep x 15mm lip to hold laptop.

Service / Warranty


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