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Codonics, Inc.


Codonics Long Film

Exclusive orthopaedic 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" dry
long film for digital CR/DR

Codonics Long Film

Codonics Horizon® XL Multi-media Dry Imager provides the only means of printing long film in today's digital age of CR/DR, printing digitally stitched 'true-size' images on one continuous film. Available in two sizes, our 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" long film folds to 14" x 17" to fit conveniently in a standard film jacket. In addition to long film, the XL prints on several other sizes of film, plus 14" x 17", A/A4 low-cost grayscale paper and A/A4 color paper.

A total solution for all of your orthopaedic radiology needs, Horizon XL weighs less than 70 pounds and takes only two feet of counter space. Using long film for true-size imaging, 14" x 17" and 8" x 10" size film for extremity MR, low-cost grayscale paper for surgical planning, referral copy and patient files, and color for arthroscopy and 3D color CT, Horizon XL covers all your orthopaedic print needs in one compact device.


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Codonics Long Film Group
  • Only Horizon XL provides orthopaedics with dry long film ideal for scoliosis, long bone, pediatric and adult spines
  • Available in two sizes, our 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" film is daylight safe and easy to handle
  • Digitally stitched images from CR/DR are printed on one, continuous film
  • Horizon XL offers "true-size" imaging up to 51" in length
  • Use Codonics film for "true size" imaging, DirectVista® Paper for surgical planning, referral copy and patient medical files, and color paper for arthroscopy applications plus 3D color CT
Long Film Feature1 Long Film Feature2

Codonics long film contains perforations
for easy folding and storage in a
standard 14" x 17" film jacket.

Long Film Specs

Contact your Codonics representative for model configurations and media availability. DirectVista Film is available for use in most Codonics imagers, some model and size restrictions apply. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact your Codonics representative for the latest information.