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Codonics, Inc.


Codonics for PACS

Horizon® is the print solution for the soft-copy era.

Codonics for PACS

You've gone PACS but you still have the legacy of your old print network that's scaled to meet the capacity of high volume filming. Now, with soft copy review, your film volume has dropped dramatically but without adjustments to your print network, your cost per film skyrockets. Codonics Horizon is ideally designed to meet the needs of this transitional environment. Codonics Total Cost of Ownership (imager cost + 5 year service cost + 5 year media cost = TCO) will dramatically reduce your existing film expense, even in environments where you already own your imager. Our first year service is included, we offer media alternatives that save up to 70% over film, and there are absolutely no costs associated with preventative maintenance.


Multi-media Versatility Exceeds Expectations
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Laser Imager Attracts New Referrers   In Texas, everything seems large.
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  • Referring physicians overwhelmingly request images as hard copy, making Horizon the perfect solution for all of your PACS printing needs.
  • Horizon provides lower hardware, film and service costs than any competing dry imager. Horizon also has the industry's best warranty and first year service is included.
  • Horizon's combination of paper, color and film output in a desktop imager makes "film-only" imagers obsolete.
  • DirectVista® Grayscale Paper is photo-weight, available in A/A4 and 14"x17" sizes, provides up to 70% savings over film.
  • Meet referring physicians' and patients' desires for prints in a variety of media and sizes.
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