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Codonics, Inc.


Codonics for Computed
and Digital Radiography

Horizon® provides superior image quality and
value for computed and digital radiography

Codonics for CR/DR

Horizon instantly delivers diagnostic film and cost-saving paper, allows you to load three types of media at the same time and holds up to 300 sheets of film. This unprecedented variety in printing options creates a new freedom of choice and allows users to match the output with the need, resulting in solutions capable of immediately reducing costs, minimizing waste and maximizing workflow. With the fastest time-to-first-print, Horizon prints up to 100 films an hour. Horizon packs this all into a compact device, weighing less than 70 pounds and taking up less than two feet of counter space, eliminating costly siting requirements.


3.0T MRI and Dry Imager a Perfect Fit   Although used in conjunction with MRI, Horizon is compatible with the University of Michigan's various CT systems... Click here for the full story

Multi-media Versatility Exceeds Expectations
The Hyman-Newman Institute for Neurology / Neurosurgery is, in a word, elite. New York based INN, an entity of... Click here for the full story

  • Horizon offers several models specifically designed for the needs of CR/DR. Horizon GS prints 14"x17" film and low cost DirectVista® Grayscale Paper while Horizon GS-s prints 11"x14" film and grayscale paper. Both models also print 8"x10" film, and A/A4 grayscale paper, allowing you to choose the media size that fits your image, reducing cost and waste.
  • Horizon provides lower hardware, film and service costs than any competing dry imager. Horizon also has the industry's best warranty and first year service is included.
  • Codonics DirectVista Paper is a high quality media ideal for referring physicians at a fraction of the cost of film available in 14"x17" and 11"x14" sizes, providing a cost-saving alternative to large format film. Additionally A/A4 letter size paper offers a savings of up to 70% over film.
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