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Daylight Medical, an affiliate of Codonics inc., completes the sale of its medical UVC disinfection portfolio

CLEVELAND, OH, May 16, 2017 - Daylight Medical (www.daylightmedical.com), a manufacturer of innovative medical devices and an affiliate of Codonics Inc. (www.codonics.com), a global leader in patient safety and image documentation solutions, today announced it has completed the sale of its UVC disinfection business to Sealed Air’s (www.sealedair.com) (NYSE: SEE) Diversey Care (www.diversey.com).

Located on the Codonics-Daylight Medical campus, Daylight Medical’s UVC technologies are highly innovative, ultra-portable and proven effective, yet affordably designed. Diversey Care acquired Daylight Medical’s UVC solutions, including the MoonBeam3 disinfection system, SKY 6Xi and 7Xi devices, as well as a robust, ground-breaking pipeline of futures. Designed to disinfect patient rooms, surfaces, non-critical equipment, and devices, Daylight Medical’s UVC solutions are proven to provide safe and targeted dosing of UVC light to quickly and effectively kill harmful pathogens, including bacteria and C. difficile.

“Daylight Medical’s UVC technology is game-changing, bringing ease of use and effectiveness together with a total lower cost that enables facilities to incorporate these devices into daily cleaning and disinfection protocols quickly and easily,” said Peter O. Botten, owner, Daylight Medical. “Incorporating Daylight’s technology into Diversey’s portfolio of leading infection prevention solutions will quickly ramp up their use in facilities across the globe. Helping create safer environments has always been our goal, and we’re excited to see that fast-tracked by partnering with Diversey.”

MoonBeam3 is a lightweight, portable device designed for area, room and non-critical equipment disinfection. MoonBeam3 uses high-intensity UVC to penetrate into the cells of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and spores and achieves up to a 3- to 6-log reduction (99.9% to 99.9999%). MoonBeam3 has three articulating arms, designed to optimize the UVC dose delivered to surfaces.

SKY 6Xi and 7Xi are designed for tablet and phone disinfection, an important source of risk to address as usage of these devices increases for hospital staff, visitors and patients. Their compact size enables them to be placed around the healthcare enterprise, making it easy and convenient to effectively remove dangerous pathogens from mobile devices.

“When combined with consistent and proper manual cleaning and disinfection, UVC disinfection technology has the power to reduce the spread of pathogens that can cause dangerous infections,” said Dr. Iham Kadri, President, Diversey Care. “Daylight’s innovations are a synergistic fit with our existing infection prevention platform. Adjunct technologies, such as these no-touch disinfection devices, will allow all facilities concerned with preventing infection, from hospitals to schools to airports, to add an additional level of assurance to their existing protocols.”

About Daylight Medical

A manufacturer of innovative medical devices, Daylight Medical is an affiliate of Codonics, Inc. Founded on providing customers with technologies that help build their business and offer the highest level of care to their patients, Daylight Medical’s expertise is centered on customized solutions that save time and money. For more information on Daylight Medical, visit www.daylightmedical.com.

About Codonics Inc.

Codonics is a global business and provides the medical industry with the most advanced patient safety and medical imaging products in the world from our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Codonics award-winning innovations have enabled exciting, continued growth. Today, we are represented in 110 countries with more than 30,000 product installations in renowned, cutting-edge medical facilities throughout the world. To learn more about Codonics, visit www.codonics.com or follow us on Linked In (www.linkedin.com/company/codonics), Facebook (www.facebook.com/codonics) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/codonics).

About Diversey Care

Diversey Care is a division of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. For more information about Diversey Care, please visit www.diversey.com or follow us on Linked In (www.linkedin.com/company/diversey-inc), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/diversey?ref=hl) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/diversey).

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